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    Why copy paste dont work

    I have win2k server at my personal computer, but from few days, copy pate in outlook express dont work properly, some times work some times not, also moving messages from folder to other folders not working , but sometimes its work after reboot,
    also some times when i click to reply messange then its not work , I cant understand whats going on with system.

    I have updated Antivirus, but seems not get solution.

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    Sometimes a simple reboot can fix those things. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    yes i strongly agree with you, but what do you think if you have to reboot 5 or 6 time within 2 hours daily ?

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    Maybe it's your memory?

    Or if you're using your keyboard, maybe it's your keyboard?

    Do some tests...

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    Today when I tried to copy one message from outlook to paste in another meassage, its asked me "Invalid Argument" ,

    When I am checking memory usage its only 40 to 50 % utilized, processor is 7% utilized, also when I am using other hard drive with win98 or linux9 then this problem dont come,

    Does I format my drive and install again win2k server ?


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    again, try changing your RAMs to different ones...

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    I experienced similar problems with IE. I only could copy paste from the source code but not from the actual browser.

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    Also I forget to mentioned that

    When This copy pate are not working in outlook,

    then i cant able to move messages from one folder to another folder with drage and drop.

    Also when I want to disconnect my internet, its not getting disconnect, I have to pull out my telephone wire manually from my modem to disconnect.

    Today I have reinstalled Win2k Server again after formatting my C drive, and only outlook data folder I have on another drive in which my all messages are saved, after reinstall I have changes sotre of data files path to my older message drive, but problem is still there.

    Also when I click on any link url which is writen in WHT post for any reference , then browser dont open new window nor show that link, its act like nothing hapen with click on link of url.

    I have checked my memory and keyboard also.

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    I have this issue with a 2k proff machine. No clue why it does it. I built the machine, and I dont think that's the issue. It just has its "off" days and won't copy/paste anything.

    But that machine is the only 2k proff. machine that I've seen have that prob. I run 2k proff @ home, and have never had that issue.
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    i have a problem with outlook where copy/paste doesnt work when using the mouse but does when i use the Ctrl+V or Ctrl+C from the keyboard - short URL service

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    Please advice me solution, because I have to make project and my all work suffering with this problem, I need urgent solution, I will appreciate for help.

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