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    Force Enom Push?

    I have an domain name with another Enom reseller ( that I am trying to get pushed to my Enom account but they refuse to do so telling me to transfer it. The domain name in question is a .ORG and as such appears not to be available for transfer through registryrocket.
    Does anyone have any ideas? I thought about trying to find my enom account associated with the account and doing a push by logging into emon directly but have had no luck with that.


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    not possible you can ask sharednic for the EPP code so you can transfer it into your enom account.

    if they refuse again i think you can contact enom or/and to help you with that.
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    You'd probably be better off just trasferring than hassling w/ the reseller. Make the transfer, cut your losses and deal directly w/ enom moving forward. You've got to ask yourself what added benefit does the reseller offer that enom doesn't. If it is nothing then you're better off dealing directly w/ enom.

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    WoW $15!

    The account login looks like a RegistryRocket Interfcae.

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