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    After using the 'Search' function I could not come up with much information regarding the HopOne network. If you have experience with HopOne and would like to share a review, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Interested as well. Although I do know I pulled 30mbs easily from a test server over their network....Looks like they have good peering with AT&T. Dont know much else as far as network stability etc.

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    have a search using the phrase 'superb servers'. the guy running the show over there post{s,ed} here under various usernames, with various degrees of {in}competence/vitriol. i personally would have an issue with certain stuff on the ethics side of things, however i hear that the network is stable.

    if you are interested in colo in that specific area, give TomK from defenderhosting a shout - those folks i would not hesitate to do business with. carpathia hosting is offering route optimized transit out of ash-ibx and are definitely worth a look as well if you are looking for something high end.

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    The network is perfect for high end applications like game servers, which I used to run there, the only thing that people sometimes worry about is cogent, however mostly, its never routed over cogent in any case. I don't see any issues with the network. Just don't "IRC" it

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