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    Send a web form to a fax machine.

    Hi, I would like to use a form on a webpage to send out a fax to a fax machine. How would I do this and what would I need to do this. I am trying to setup a form where someone can enter their name, date, time, and how many people and have that information sent to the fax machine after they submit it, this is for people who want to make reservations online.

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    Just a hunch, I've never done this before, but I would suggest looking into an email to fax service. Then you could set your form to send an email to the service and have it fax you the email. (I did a quick search for "email to fax" and found, it looks like it might work).

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    thanks guys. One more question. Could someone help me with the code to send the form to an email. How would I start the form code so that it sends to an email address?

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