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    .:. Platinum Hosting .:. 50% Off Shared and Reseller Hosting .:.


    Platinum Hosting has decided to offer a 50% off sale for all hosting as a sort of "Welcome to summer." We have also just completed the integration of Kayako eSupport.

    With the coupon code SUMMER200450 you can get 50% off all shared and reseller hosting. We offer hosting plans starting at $5($2.50 with the sale). Reseller hosting starts as low as $30/month.

    Below is a listing of what we offer. Prices listed are the prices without taking into account the discount.

    50 MB Space
    2.5 GB Transfer/month
    10 Email Accounts
    5 FTP Accounts
    2 Subdomains

    100 MB Space
    5 GB Transfer/month
    50 Email Accounts
    10 FTP Accounts
    5 Subdomains

    200 MB Space
    10 GB Transfer/month
    100 Email Accounts
    50 FTP Accounts
    10 Subdomains

    500 MB Space
    15 GB Transfer/month
    500 Email Accounts
    100 FTP Accounts
    20 Subdomains

    750 MB Space
    25 GB Transfer/month
    750 Email Accounts
    200 FTP Accounts
    100 Subdomains

    1.5 GB Space
    40 GB Transfer/month
    1500 Email Accounts
    1500 FTP Accounts
    200 Subdomains

    2 GB Space
    50 GB Transfer/month
    Unmetered Email Accounts
    200 FTP Accounts
    500 Subdomains

    There are many more features available like Virus Protection, and other things, but they are not listed here, since it would be a very, very long list.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to try out our helpdesk.

    Thanks, and have a great day.


    Edit: Forgot to mention, expires 2004/06/11
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