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    Design Contest - Design for custom mousepad needed

    Hello, is looking for someone to create an eyecatching design to be used on our custom mousepads, and possibly other items.

    We are a small company so we don't have a lot of cash, but can award $30 to the winner, or a free year of webhosting (say 400mb, 50gb of Traffic, <--- negotiable)

    Specifications needed -

    1) Image DPI - 300
    2) Need it in 2 Image Sizes (@min dpi) - 800 x 800 and
    3) Must be saved in .psd or .png format, preferably one of each

    Here is a template of the mousepad to help you out with that -

    We want a background color that bleeds over the entire pad (so no white is shown, marked on template)

    (i'm a n00b at this, so if you need more info just contact me)

    Would like the person to be available in the future for size modifications if needed (payment to be worked out then)

    I know it's not much, but will be willing to also post a linkback on our site to your portfolio with credit given for your designs.

    We are very open to creative ideas, really want this to be eyecatching, should conform to our site to some extent, but does not need to match it, like I said, we are very, very open to creativity. Post some previews, we plan on choosing a winning design in the next couple of days.


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    When you say 800x800, I'm not sure what you mean: a 300dpi mousepad would be something more than 2400x2400...

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    We'll work on your project for free.
    Please email us and let us know if you are interested.

    support (AT)

    (AT) = @

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    Ok, i'm going off of what i was given by the company making our products, like i said i'm a n00b , actual size for full bleed of the mousepad is 9.5 inches x 8 inches, the template above should give all you need for the mousepad design.

    Would also like the design in a 1200x1200 format (which i can easily resize myself for other products later down the road)

    Hope this helps clarify things.

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    I'll enter if I have some spare time...

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    Originally posted by tahmastudios
    We'll work on your project for free.
    Please email us and let us know if you are interested.

    support (AT)

    (AT) = @
    You own support AT

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