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    [For Sale]Nice Hosting Layout

    This was originally going to be for a contest, but it wasn't within my time frame. So here it is, priced at $100.00

    |This template includes:
    |-Fully coded, valid xhtml 1.0 file
    |-CSS file
    |-Layered .PSD file
    |-Full/Exclusive rights

    .PSD screenshot can be viewed here: Click Here

    XHTML file here: Click Here

    This is a quality template at a very minimal price! This is a MUST sell!

    Thanks for your interest

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    Superb Work!

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    Thats a nice layout.. Wish i had some spare money to buy that

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    great design, but very very bad compatiblity.. you should skip the CSS Rollovers.

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    What a brilliant design, i hope you get a good sale for a design of this quality, i wish i could make layouts like these, very nice on the eyes, i would buy this if i had a hosting company definetly, also very cheap for a design of this quality.

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    Thanks guys. The design is still up for sale.

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    Great design, but the coding needs some help. Also, you may want to watermark that image, as I've noticed some unscrupulous characters around here.

    Good luck.

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    This is a wonderful design! Good luck on the sale!

    I am looking for someone to redesign my site, and a mix between what I currently have, and that template would be supurb!

    Check out the design I have currently at


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    site awfully down for me..

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