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    Growing hosting company for sale

    The Hosting company I have built from the ground up is for sale. A career change for me forces the sale of this - I intended to keep going until I really couldn't...that time has come.

    Below is the breakdown of clients - all on two RHE3 servers, WHM/Cpanel. I really want all of these clients to go to a good reliable host - too many good people/friends to let down.


    6 @ $30/month = 180
    1 @ $25/month = 25
    4 @ $15/month = 60
    3 @ $10/month = 30

    Total: $295/monthly
    Total: $3540/yearly

    Regular Hosting (All yearly):

    15 @ $15/year = 225
    102 @ $25/year = 2550
    3 @ $20/year = 60
    16 @ $50/year = 800

    Total: $3610/yearly

    BOTH TOTAL: $7175/yearly

    Two servers are located at Server Matrix - can opt to keep the servers or you can pull the clients to your machines and let the servers go.

    With these accounts, the domain names are registered at Bulkregister, actuall only 109 total registered with them. The remainder have their own registrar and upkeep their domain name record.

    No billing software is included, nothing fancy here, just a hosting company built from the ground up.

    Also included is the paypal account, all the hosting forums accounts, sales material, of course the client DB, scripts, etc....basically everything I have.

    I will sign any non-compete for any length of time - I'm outta this biz/just can't do it with the new career.

    I wouldn't sell, but my new job forces me to be away for half a year and I don't want to compromise the service by my new career.

    I am available to help transition this hosting company and offer my help for one month included in the selling price of the company. Beyond that, I will entertain helping for a monthly or hourly fee if needed.

    Please post questions if you have any.

    I'm accepting bids to sell this hosting company - PM me with your bid.

    I'll accept bids until the last day of May - highest bidder gets the whole sha-bang.

    Daily, I'll edit this original post to update the highest bid.

    Post questions if you have any, thanks for looking.

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    Do you have any instant messengers or email address which we can contact you at?

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    Qustion: Could you list the associated plans with respective client #s, server specs, average disk / trans usage... just to get an idea of "what kind" of clients we're looking at here. I may have someone interested in purchasing this

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    When are the yearly accounts up for renewal - Number of accounts per months is fine., a Digitally Justified Company
    Celebrating our 9th year in Business

    Proudly Hosting with CANADIAN bandwidth
    Managed Hosting, Multi-Domain Hosting, Colocation, Merchant Accounts

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    The two previous questions are the same I have. Please post answers to these questions if you dont mind, otherwise let me know if I need to contact you personally to get these answers.

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    What is your higest bid now?

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    To post more information:

    Account Specs:

    $15 account - 50MB Space, 500MB Bandwidth, 50 Emails, 1 FTP
    $20 account - 250MB Space, 500MB Bandwidth, 100 Emails, 2 FTP
    $25 account - 1GB Space, 5GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, 10 FTP These are the SAME as the $50 accounts, just bought during promotion
    $50 acocunt - 1GB Space, 5GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, 10 FTP

    Server Specs:

    Two servers that are identical
    Secured: apf, bfd, logwatch, filesystem secured, locked down, etc.
    2.4 Ghz, 1024MB RAM, 200GB HD, managed, Cpanel/WHM

    Server one has 11% Disk usage
    Server two has 10% Disk usage

    Account renewal times (clients per month):

    Jan - 7 clients - 1 reseller
    Fed - 6 clients - 1 reseller
    March - 8 clients - 3 resellers
    April - 21 clients - 4 resellers
    May - 12 clients - 1 resellers
    June - 33 clients
    July - 13 clients
    August - 6 clients
    Sept. - 13 clients - 1 reseller
    Oct. - 4 clients - 1 reseller
    Nov - 6 clients - 1 reseller
    Dec - 16 clients

    (on a side note, the above was actually a good exercise to see what months needed some beef, ie..when to run specials/incentives).

    Current Bid: $5000 (as of 10:15 EDT 5/12/04)

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    Current Bid: $5500 (as of 4:45PM EDT 5/13/04)

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    Still available?

    Gone or still available? Can u catch me on icq: 43980006

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    Still available, we wanna close on this at the end of May - so until then, it's open game. Email me at the address above or post questions here. Thanks for looking.

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