Hello everyone,

We are using IMail Server V 6.06 as the main server Let me call this mail.hq.com (

and another Imail Server v 7 we are using at branch office in another country lets say sub.mail.com.(

Now at HQ Server I configured the “realy for Address” ( and at host file under winnt/system32/drivres/etc/host I mentioned sub.mail.com

At Branch office I have enable the option Relay for Local hosts and under edit Accept list have mentioned the domain names mail.hq.com

And my other setting at branch office is enabled “SMTP AUTH”

Branch office is using DSL where public ipaddress is coming to Router and this router is distributed internal IPaddress and inside I have mapped public ipaddress to sub.mail.com where imail server is installed ipaddress is

Now this settting worked at branch office when they were using dialup now after upgrading to DSL I am prblms

1)when I use SMTP AUTH in outlookexpress ticked it pops up login and password box by keying right details its keeps on poping up.

2)When I take out the SMTP auth box from outlookexpress I can send mails and even with some fake id ppl can use smtp server to send out the mails.

3)So I tried other option at branch office relay for local users only and keyed in the valid users email address so when a person sends the email it will check the email address in the edit Accept list and sends out but for this also same prblm without keeing the password it sends out the mails and when I check the SMTP Auth it keeps on asking to enter password.

4)My Branch office manager wants me to block there staff sending the emails from hq.mail.com and they shld use sub.mail.com

Can anyone help me wht is the best solution for the above.

Thanks In Adavce