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    Problems with PayPal at the moment?

    Is anyone else having problems with PayPal at the moment?

    Had someone recently send me a payment for a Template I made but it didn't go through. I went to and it wasn't loading.

    After about 10 minutes, the site loaded but still no sign of payment being sent (my side or the sender)

    Anyone else having problems with paypal at the moment?

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    It's been working fine for me all night.

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    Originally posted by Mr. Stabby
    It's been working fine for me all night.
    Same here...

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    Completely dead. Possibly a routing issue.
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    Well it recently started working again, yet I checked again now and I get: "We can't find """

    I asked a few friends and doesn't seem to work for them either...

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    Seems like completely down here as well:

    Alertra says so as well.
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    We're sorry. You do not have permission to execute this transaction. Please contact the Account Administrator.

    Due to heavy traffic on our site, we were unable to complete your request. We are working to increase capacity in a number of ways so that you won't see this message again. In the meantime, please try clicking the 'Refresh' button on your browser to reload the page. If you are still unable to access the site, please try again in a few minutes.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

    Error 3004

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