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    Unacceptable rounding in MySQL?

    I was putting some test data into phpMyAdmin (before I write all the PHP code and whatnot), and noticed that a few fields I have as floats... are getting rounded down to 3 decimals; I put four in, and wanted them all. (i.e., 462.5625 becomes 462.562 -- it can't round like this).

    Isn't the whole point of floating point numbers that I don't have to deal with problems like this?

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    You may want to look at 'double' field

    or decimal(x,y)



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    You can specify the number of decimal places you want on each side of the . even on single precision values. You can set them as part of the column definition. I would suggest reading the mysql docs, since you may find other column options that will help you.
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