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    How secure is password protecting dir with cpanel

    I have developed a database driven site, and have the administration files stored in a directory that I have password protected via Cpanel, Can anyone tell me how secure a directory is if it is password protected via Cpanel?


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    Cpanel creates a .htaccess file and is an accepted method of protecting a folders contents it could be potentially brute forced however that would be unlikely.

    Tracy Phillips

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    I am using it a long time ago with hopefully no problems till now

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    Where is the .htaccess file

    Do you know where cpanel saves the .htaccess file by default?

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    Re: Where is the .htaccess file

    Originally posted by lucidgreen
    Do you know where cpanel saves the .htaccess file by default?
    they are put in the root directory you want to protect

    that's a Apache standard... this security doesn't have to do with cpanel: it just creates the .htaccess and .htpasswd files (this last has the username/hashed passwords)

    it's secure

    btw... depending on your FTP server config, files starting with a dot are not listed

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    Thanks a ton, should have been able to figure that out myself I guess, but I appreciate the help!

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