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    Current Uptime for

    Anyone have a dedicated server at

    If so, please tell us about their service and quality. A current uptime would definately help.

    I saw some threads about them but they are kind of out - dated so I thought just start a new thread. Thanks

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    Hello Sir,
    I have had a wonderful experense with GlobalDC. There uptime so far has been 100% for this entire month. I have a montor software that checks every 30mins so far uptime is 100% there services are boom. I love the direct admin control panel and Chris (Owner) is a really nice and great person to be around.

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    If you have any quesitions, Please feel free to ask me ^_^

    We will be upgrading all dedicated servers to 12 megabits within the next 2 weeks. We will also be adding an additional 6-10 megabits within the following month.
    Will be using BGP4 as well as adding SBC/Ameritech, and Time Warner bandwidth to our network ^_^

    YIM= islandbayy
    [email protected]
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    klcodec will your irc network have the full bgp mix?

    and have you got a test ip address for your irc network please, you can pm me if you wish.

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