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    * How dumb am I then...

    Hello room,

    I think I've made a blunder and put too high a price on my domain.

    Yes, it was a knee jerk thing.. I took advice last week from only TWO people but now I've got my head screwed on I'd sort of appreciate your appraisal no matter how brutal.

    I'm asking $250 for this --> (listed at afternic)

    Is 10% of the above and a twinkie in order???

    This is my first domain sale (can you tell) and since I haven't done anything with it for almost a year now it's fodder.

    Anyone who makes me feel less of a fool can probably have the domain when it runs out next month.

    So what do you think people... please? $5, $50 nothing



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    I think it will only worth just the registration price (say $8-10)? It is a domain that has not much value without any development done.

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    I agree, if it isn't developed has the value you registered it for. With what I would have on my mind(development) it might be worth about $500, site included.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Thanks for the advice!

    I now know what to do next, either sell it for what its worth right now or put it back up and run with it properly.

    Me thinks (on past attempts) that I will just sell it

    Thank you x2


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