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    12 Templates for sale; Hosting, gaming, etc.

    I was cleaning my drives the other day and came across quite a few templates that I had either made as side projects, never sold, or made for myself and didn't use. I decided to sell them now really cheaply. With the purchase(s) you will receive for EACH layout:

    Fonts that I still have (PC crashed and lost alot, only salvaged what was on server.)

    To make the sales as quickly as possible, I will sell all of the listed layouts for 200.00. Separate prices are listed as well. Now, the layouts:

    Layout 1: 125.00

    Layout 2: 35.00

    Layout 3: 30.00

    Layout 4: 30.00

    Layout 5: 35.00

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    Those are very nice templates, good luck with the sales.

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    Will accept 100.00 for template one.

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    I will take layout 4

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    can I see what a subpage for template 1 would look like?

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