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    Best DNS setup for a dedicated?

    Please be easy on me - I'm a DNS idiot

    In the past I have used a couple different scenarios for DNS. On my first server - I used the data centers DNS servers. They charged me 20 per domain to setup but beyond that it was never a problem. On another server - my partner setup Plesk so that every domain acted as its own DNS server. Been using that for a couple months and don't see any problems. I know another option is to use the DNS servers at the registrar.

    I am about to get 2 more servers and I am wondering what would be best for DNS? I really don't know the ins and outs of these different methods.

    I will be getting Linux boxes with Direct Admin.


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    when u get ur dedicated server
    1. they give you DNS preset on the server
    2. when u sign up they ask you what kind of dns name you want
    like ","

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