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    Reviews from (not so) newbie

    I was inspired by that other comprehensive review, and since WHT helped me out so much when I first signed up and again about a month ago, I thought I'd chime in.

    I first decided to foray into owning my own domain in late 2001. Wanted to start a family site that I could use for email, and could show off pictures of our kid to family. I don't remember how, but I ended up at

    Your Site

    I was pretty happy at first...plan was economical, setup was pretty quick..I didn't seem to have many problems. What I didn't know is that just before I signed up, the owner of the company apparantly died suddenly. And while they tried to put on their brave face and keep things running as normal, they weren't able to do it. After a few months of spotty service and intermittant problems, I began my search for a new host, with a few months more knowledge under my belt.

    Eventually, I landed here..and this place really helped me choose my new home.

    TotalChoiceHosting (then Simplenet)

    I was always very happy there with my shared hosting plan. So much so that I added a few domains, and recommended their services to several friends. Whenever there was a problem, it was quickly addressed..and the forums were always VERY helpful (in fact, one thing that continues to impress me is that their forums are open for public viewing. When I left your-site, I could no longer even view their forum.)

    Sometime earlier this year, my most popular site started getting TOO popular..and hogging the resources on a shared server. Totalchoice was very helpful in helping me upgrade to a semi-dedicated plan, and consolidating all of my sites (including the site of a customer of THEIRS and a friend of MINE whose plan had just expired). So I suddenly went from $15 or so a month to $80..but with many, many more resources.

    Problem was, I decided right at that time to host another site of a friend of mine..and this site gets a ton of traffic...and would eat up my monthly allotment after less than 3 weeks...and that was if it didn't get any more popular. So I decided that I needed a dedicated server, and I would need it rather soon. I was told that servers would be available within days.

    Long story short, that didn't happen. Miscommunication, lack of resources, getting lost in the shuffle..I'm not sure. I waited for 3 weeks, and didn't get the server.

    So from research here and in other places I ended up at

    Beachcomber Creations

    It hasn't been 2 weeks yet, so as for long-term performance, I can't say. What I can say is that I ordered my server on Friday at 5, and it was ready for me to use at 8 PM that evening. I chose the dedicated server plan with server at, and it's been great so far. Fantastico is really cool; I'd never seen that, and it makes for throwing up a really quick website a breeze. I had one tech support issue that was answered very quickly, and other than that it's been fine. I'll be happy to update this post as time goes on as kind of an ongoing review.

    So, to sum up:

    1. I see they are still running, and it has been a long time since I was there..but I can't recommend them.
    2. other than the problem getting the dedicated server, I would HIGHLY recommend TCH for shared, reseller, and even semi-dedicated plans. The price was good, and the support was SUPERB.
    3. beachcomber-creations: thrilled with the quick setup, although I might have to look into upgrading my plan, as now they have the same server for the same price WITH a backup drive. Might have to see if I can get that (since I signed up on 4/30) from them

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    Yeah... I heard about that problem at Your-site a few years ago I believe...

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate you taking time to write such detailed reviews.

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    Well, it has been almost 2 months with Beachcomber, and it has been rock solid. I had a DNS issue with RCN users, but it turned out that it was configuration on my end. I didn't get the server with the backup drive; I was just a hair too late.

    Regarding Totalchoice, I had given them a fair review on 5/7 on, but I did bring up the dedicated server problem I had. And I linked back to a message I had posted on the TCH message board. Seems that said message has since been deleted, which is a little disinginuous, if you ask me. Here is what the original message was:

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    Thank you tmwes for comming back to update your review. Come back from time to time and let us know about your experiences.


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    Glad to see that you are happy with your hosting provider....good luck for the future also....keep us updated.....

    Good Luck

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    congratulations for being smart enough to pick the right host every time.. You have to be proactive to move on
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    I just visited Beachcomber Creations site.. well I really appreciate them for the fact that they do not try to make any loud statements and are very clear about what they are providing and what they are not.... what is allowed on their servers and what is not!

    That Looks So Honest. And I think every host should do that.
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    Still very, very happy with Beachomber. In the process of ordering a second server with them. Highly reccommended.

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