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    partner needed to help run my hosting business

    Looking for someone to help me with running my webhosting business.perffer someone that has know how with programming server maintance and running a hosting business. duties will include designing templates replying to tech support emails advertiseing and secureing and doing maintance of our servers. must have a good attitude and beable to handle nasty customers if the need comes must be atleast 18 years of age and be willing to work 60hours a week. pay is neg or we also can offer you a server instead. all intrested parties may contact me by pm or by emai.l at [email protected] thanks for your time have a great week take care.

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    so a new server each week wohoo ! Whats the web address for the hosting company as I see you posted with a free email address ? Your best best as it sounds to me, is you probably just need server management and maybe some live tech support I do my own support so cant help you there but go and check out to get your server managed will take alot of the burden away from managing a hosting company, and can focus your time on advertising ROI and support.

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    Still no reply on the 60 hours a week question...

    If this is true, I wish you luck in finding someone to work 60 hours a week with no pay.

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