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    FREE ftp storage for a link


    I am looking to increase the rank of a company I am SEO'ing for. In return for a link, I can offer you their FTP services free, including at least:

    50 MB of storage
    3 extra users
    1 GB of data transfer

    If the PageRank is decent, there is no problem giving much more room (100-1000 MB or more), lots of transfer, anonymous access, etc. I am pretty flexible for what I can offer so just ask.

    The company uptime is 99.99%. They do FTP hosting for businesses and mission critical systems.

    Simple Requirements
    -Your site MUST be listed in Google and have a PageRank of 4. I might accept PageRank 3 depending on response.
    -You need to have a text link that will say 'FTP Hosting & Storage Space' in it.

    That's it!

    You can PM me or email [email protected], or just respond to the ticket. I'll check back.

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    FYI to those who are interested, the company is
    IQ Storage FTP Hosting
    Note that it is FTP and not web hosting.

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