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    Offers? 100's of millions of search engine results

    It is impossible to get any domain variation of WebService. I own WebService.NET. I believe this actually may be worth more than the .com because of Microsofts DOT NET technology which revolves around Web Services...just look at these search results for the term Web Service

    Yahoo - 541,000,000
    Google - 15,200,000
    Teoma - 86,000,000
    Alta Vista - 114,000,000
    MSN - 117,000,000

    I have owned this for going on 5 years. I have received numerous unsolicited offers but chose to hold onto it....If you do a search for the phrase "Web Service Dot Net" you still get millions and millions of results on the search engines...

    What could this be worth...also accepting sensible offers in this thread.


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    how much are looking for?

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    I am accepting ALL sensible offers.....thanks

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    Re: Offers? 100's of millions of search engine results

    Originally posted by Skydiving
    What could this be worth...
    Maybe Mid $XX

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