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    I tried searching the forum and found bits of information here and there, but none that seems to answer what I need.

    The current host I'm with occasional goes down (but not recently and only for 15-30mins around the same time when it does go down).

    I like to setup subdomains such as,, etc.

    However, I like to point those to another host so that if my host ever goes down, it would either

    1) redirect to the www1 host


    2) my clients can goto www1 host to check the status on the main host.

    so I would assume that it's not creating the subdomains in cPanel, but rather something else (maybe to the DNS/domain registrar?) to make it happen?

    if all else fails, I guess I can always register a generic domain and host on another server.

    thanks in advance.

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    there is so many factors in this scenario there is load balancing and fail over systems

    i think what you want todo is point www. to 2 IPs spread the load between servers and if one is down randomly the request is forwarded to the 2nd server.

    search about load balancing or fail-over systems here or over google to read more

    Moving to Technical forum for better answers.
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    thanks for the tip, but when I search, seems like lots of them are on servers.

    I only have shared accounts.

    Can I purchase two shared accounts, then in the nameservers part, I have one of each? like and ns2.other

    so that if the first one goes down, it'll goto the second nameserver which is a different company and go there?

    is that how it works? if not, then why do we need two nameservers anyways when registering a domain name?

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