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    Narrowed down my choices....

    I need to move our company web off innerhost/interland.
    I loved innerhost...intill interland came along and screwed it all up.

    that's another story...
    Anyway, we are currently operating a asp/ site. I have researched and narrowed down what I think are some good choices, but I have some concerns.

    These hosts all offer static IPs,, Mysql DB [and php which I'd like to use for a forum] with their shared plans, except for apollo. : concern - lack of support options. No phone, only email/web.

    CrystalTech : concern - upcoming acqusition by NewTek.

    Apollohost : concern - Don't appear to support requiring entire site to be converted to PHP.

    No host is perfect and I know that problems pop up from time to time.
    I'd like to know what negative experiences people have had with these hosts, and if the outcome was acceptable.

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    Let's see.....
    The search feature on this mboard can by your friend. It will find any threads about the hosts in question.
    73's, Kim
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    Originally posted by KimmiKat
    The search feature on this mboard can by your friend. It will find any threads about the hosts in question.
    I already did that. That's how I got this far.
    I'm looking for specific experiences and reactions. Not an opinionated response from the friend of friend who used to host with them.

    What's the worst experience you had with one of these hosts, and was it resolved to your satisfaction? Why, or why not?

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    I think you should consider Millennium Systems.

    This is my first post and I can not post their url. If you search google for the term nextmill then they are number 1.

    They have the features you want. We have hosted sites with them for 4 years and have received excellent support.

    We have not used but they do support it.

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    Does anyone have any experiences to share about these hosts?

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    how about ************, i used to have some sites with them 1 year ago. Can't say how they are now is another option, heard many good things about them.

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    Great support
    Great up time
    No problems for me in over an year.
    E mails for support are replied to very fast no matter what the hour.
    Members on their forum will go out of their way to help you.
    Last year I needed some script help and a member spent over 2 days for free helping me and do some rewriting.
    Advanced warnings of maintence or repairs and an email when they are done.
    They listen to your input.
    I see no problem with only email/web support with any host if they provide real support. I have been with hosts that say they have phone support, but in fact did not.
    Saying and doing is the real key.
    With any host just go month to month till you feel things are good for YOU!
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