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    3 month review of diyhosting

    i've been with diyhosting for a small bit over 3 months now, and i was told by wht users to come back after i had been with them 3 months and update how they are doing

    if i miss a category please tell me

    server uptime
    the servers that i am on haven't had any downtime since i started and the websites are quick. we had a migration to a different datacenter but that didn't affect me. it seems mysql speeded up after migration time so that was cool as a lot of my stuff is mysql based

    ive only had a few tech support questions in the 3 months and all were answered quickly. i have called a few times and spoken to them and it was good that they didnt treat me like a dummy which i had seen with some companies
    the diy reseller kit is i have never seen such a thing before in reseller hosting

    i had one issue with them and that was they told me my ip use was not justified
    i got 6 ip addresses and used them quickly with my users but i requested more and they said i cannot use them for each domain if the domain is not using ssl or anonimous ftp

    the only other thing i can think of is they have not upgraded to newest hsphere which came out last week. it looks good and i want it
    i was always happy with pricing. i make about $900 from my account in a month so paying $90 is

    they lose a point for my ip addresses!!

    please tell me if i missed something and i will correct

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    Hi Byte_me

    Very nice to see that you gave 9 for your hosting company..... If i may add I don't blame them for trying to limit the number of ipaddress they try to provide you with becuase like they said they have answer for the ipaddress they allocate to their customer and they will get in trouble if they keep allocating unlimited amount of ipaddress...

    Here is a thread posted in the past which talks more on the topic...

    I hope this is not considered cross posting becuase i didnot start either of the threads....

    Good Luck for the future also

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    Thanks for the review, i'm glad we got a decent rating.

    A quick note on the two issues you brought up;

    IP's: we have to keep a certain cap on IP's, or we'll start seeing people assigning them to sub-domains etc, which is just not within our guidelines.
    We try and make sure that IP's are readily available, at all times, to anyone wishing to make use of private nameservers, ssl, and anonymous ftp.

    H-Sphere 2.4:
    The new version did indeed come out last week.

    However, as with most software, it's got a lot of bugs. We will wait until patch 1, or later to install it, as we have to make sure that it does not harm our cluster, in any way.

    We expect to install 2.4 any time in the next 30 days, but cannot promise anything solid, as we have to rely on pSoft making the next release fully stable for larger clusters.

    EIRCA Ltd, home of The Genius Network.

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    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the diy reseller kit? Is it the possibility to provide diy support to the reseller's customers?

    Thanks for this review. I am almost sure I will go with them, perhaps even before the end of the week.

    Good luck and wish me luck

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    Originally posted by Anomium
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the diy reseller kit?
    It's a download that we make for resellers, it basically has guides, tutorials, and a lot of other things inside it.

    I honestly don't want to go into great detail, because we try and keep things like this for the eyes of resellers only. It isn't a selling tool, as we don't even tell people what's in it, til they get access to the 'resellers only' section, away from prying eyes

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    Originally posted by IHSL
    we try and keep things like this for the eyes of resellers only.
    It must be something delicious. My eyes will see it soon.

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    Originally posted by ldcdc
    Hmm... sounds so secretive...
    A little.. yes.

    We had problems with our first kit version, as some companies decided to download the kit, and claim it as their own.

    Some of the failed attempts were hilarious, most notably one company keeping the download's old title of "DIYHosting - Reseller Kit", and another even directing their clients to download it directly from our site (the mind boggles at the idiots in charge of these companies)

    Nowadays, we try and keep it 'in-house', and one of our resellers is actually helping with the next version (application side)

    byte-me, glad to see you're happy with us.

    Dean Cahl

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