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    Post PHP or ASP Experienced Coder Needed.

    I am looking for either a PHP or ASP coder for upgrades to a very elaborate script we have developed. We have been developing it in house for some time now, but it is moving to slow, and has many advanced features that would need to be completed. Right now I will only give basics about the script because we canít give our ideas away, but here is a short run through.

    -Script able to interface with .ini files on windows 2003
    -Ability to create .ini files, and interface with FireDaemon using .xml (already completed, needs refinement)
    -Client front end is FreeBSD 4.9, while the backend runs remotely on several servers running Windows 2003.
    -Familiar with Apache2, or IIS if using ASP
    -We have full rights to the code, and the coder may not resell or reuse any of the scripts coded for us.

    The Coder MUST have the following Traits

    - United States Based
    - 18+ years old
    - Willing to sign an NDA
    - Willing to agree to our software venderís intellectual property agreement
    - Speak English
    - Willing to talk with us over the phone

    If you fit this criteria, please contact me on AIM at FusionVoice or by email at pat[at]fusionvoice dot com

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    i can help
    PM me

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