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    Apache Tomcat connector

    Hi all!

    Does anyone has experience into plugging in together Apache and Tomcat together? I know there are two connectors people use, mod_jk and mod_jk2, I just cant figure which version is appropriate.

    We are currently using Apache 1.3 and Tomcat 4.1, but we made those choices quite arbitrarily (they were the most used at the time). We could go for Apache 2 and Tomcat 5 if needed. We will be deploying on RedHat Linux. Do you think we should upgrade to these versions while we're at it?

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    I still haven't figured out which connector is the more supported and "better" one. My understanding is that mod_jk2 is finally getting some more attention. In the long run it will likely be the better of the two but may not be ready for prime time quite yet.

    I too have an Apache 1.3.x and Tomcat 4.1.x installation. I'm serving about 20 virtual hosts with httpd taking the static and .shtml content and Tomcat taking the rest. However, I'm in the process of upgrading to Tomcat 5.x as I need some of the new servlet spec features. During that I intend to also bump Apache httpd to the 2.x series too.

    One of the biggest questions is if all of the modules you want are available for httpd 2.x. For me personally I don't have too many so there isn't a problem. If you're only using common software then there shouldn't be a problem with 1.3.x or 2.x.

    If you're just starting out I'd recommend going down the Apache httpd 2.x and Tomcat 5.x route. Both of those versions are now the "mainline". In Tomcat specifically some bugs are now being fixed first in the 5.x branch and then being backported to 4.x. The same goes for httpd.

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