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    watchdog, who is using it?


    I was interested in using this to automatically reboot my server and since my ISP doesn't support the harware PCI card I would head to the kernel module.

    I searched alot here but I didn't find all the informations I need:

    1) Who is using it in a production environment?
    2) Is it really effective without the PCI card?
    3) Is it dangerous? I heard of neverending reboot loops in event of misconfiguration and so...
    4) Where can I find a full documentation about it? I hardly found some man pages but they didn't really help me.


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    I wonder how it works by using kernel module? when the OS crashed wouldn't it won't work anymore?

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    ...yes, this was my main concern

    Basically if the kernel doesn't die it SHOULD be able to hard reboot the system, probably it is not as robust as the hardware combo but it SHOULD help.

    Unfortunately I acually haven't any chance to install a PCI WD card on my server...

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