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    Just curious......Did i make a mistake?

    I use to own I sold this about 2-3 years ago for $1000. Was I smart to do that or do you think it could go for more nowadays? I did receive letters from eBay at the time asking for me to either turn it over to them or simply let it expire. I never took them seriously...

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    I think it was a smart thing to do. Because ebay would most likely have contacted you and turned it over anyways.

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    the web
    I think it is worth very little

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    well ones things possibly for sure you may have gotten less or maybe im wrong and gotten more BUT whats to have a domain if its not gonna be used
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    I don't think it's worth much, meaning that if only has the name of a large corporation in it doesn't mean it has the same value. Take the example of ""
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    I don't think e-bay have the right to make you turn it over to them. After all, it isn't really their name. If you had registerd then fair enough but can be a completely different site. I don't think it was worth $1000 though so you did well.

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