Hi i'm really new to VPS and almost young on unix sys admin.
Always worked in shared hosting env.. and win os.

I'm moving to a VPS host soon. I'm choosing the best one 4 me.

All VPS in the market cames with limited sessions numbers, and limited RAM and CPU

My current site works with lots of Perl cgis , PHP and 2 MySQL db and very low volume mail traffic.
Total hits monthly are almost 2,000,000 and aver. page size is very small. (total 15 Gb per month)

- How many sessions will be needed by website ?
- How much RAM usually takes OS, Apache, PHP, MySQL & Perl ?

- Displaying a TOP in my current shared host enviroenment will help me to understand current load and needs?

I've SSH access to my current shared host, is there any tool that could allow me to trace my site activity ?

Tnx gurus