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Thread: fixed table

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    fixed table

    im trying to get my design centred in the middle of the page.

    i dont want the table to move when the browser is moved though.

    what should i do to get it fixed like this?


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    Do you mean that you don't want it to move if the browser is resized?

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    yeah thats what i mean! do i have to set the margins or something?


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    <table align="center" width="XXX">

    In this way your table won't be resized by the browser.

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    i didnt mention the table being resized, i want it to be centered, but when the browser window is shrunk, i dont want the table remaining in the center of the screen.

    im not sure, but i have a funny feeling i have to just use a blank table cell as a margin, for whatever resolution im designing for?

    does anyone have any pointers? or understand what im talking about?


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    nice one !

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    With your outermost table, set it for:
    <table width="100%">
    and it will stretch fully left to right.
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    I don't think he wants it stretched - sounds like he has a table that is NOT the full width of the screen and he doesn't want it to float to the left when the browser is dragged to a smaller view.

    What you might do is add a large margin to the left side. For example...

    <body leftmargin="200">

    This prevents the table from floating to the left once it's 200 pixels from the far left side - like a spacer. Give that a try.
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    yeah thats what i was getting at in my last post, apologies for the confusion!

    its for an accountants website, i was at my wits end trying to place a navbar within a layer (javascript / span id) and get it to stay in place on the table border.

    the guys getting it all left aligned!

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