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    * The best host in Europe

    I am looking for a host in Europe, can be in England or elsewhere in EU.

    I think the most important thing for a host is the quality of their tech. support. And surely, the quality of their hosting (Not going down often, the package with enough things that are useful etc.)
    For me the price is not as important as the quality. I am looking for a host like that.

    So, please tell me your experience. Thanks a lot.

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    Do you mean the servers have to be located in Europe or the company and support should be in Europe?

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    If you need someone near you, you could go with HostIreland, altough the owner is a bit of a pain, I won't comment on that.
    And as Walter said, it all depends on what you really need in the end. There are a few good hosts in the EU that have both their servers and support staff in the EU (hostaces), or that have their servers in the US but support staff in EU (futurehosting).
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    Personally I like

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    I had an account with for nearly 2 years and only have good things to say about them. Both the servers and support are amazingly fast.

    They are based in the UK.

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    If you are looking for reseller hosting, try they are fantastic !!!

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    There is no best host, but one can search for it nevertheless, as there is a best host for each individual. A search on these forums can help to determine the level of service provided by a host, as customers often come here to complain and sometimes to praise:

    If the host uses support forums, these can also be quite helpful in determining the attitude towards customers.

    Now, as Walter said, you want the servers to be located in EU or do you simply want the company to have offices in EU? This is an important question.

    Alex-info, can you detail you experience with nphosting a bit? Maybe share your website with us (if possible, of course; I can understand if you want to keep this anonymous).

    Good luck with your search greencat! Nice nickname BTW.

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    Out of interest, why do you need the server located anywhere in europe?
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    ldcdc: Of course I will comment my exprience with NPHosting

    See this:

    The part after "Now the fun begins " is where I speak about NPHosting.

    I'ts only been a month and a half, but still, server speed and uptime is great, support is fast and very good (and very friendly!) ... nothing bad to say against them.

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    Thanks a lot for all of you.

    I need a host in EU is only because the company I am working for is in EU and they don't want to pay on-line with credit cards. I asked a few hosting company in US, but they do not accept the payment in other ways.

    Also, since I am in EU, I think if the tech. support is also in EU, the telephone cost will be much less (If they have a telephone support).

    I guess where is the server is not that important as long as working good.

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    Thanks alex-info.

    I am not looking for reseller hosting. A share Linux host will do. Thanks anyway.

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    WebSpaceUK is located in europe and has an excellent reputation.

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    For web hosting;
    For reseller hosting;

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