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    Questions about name server

    Dear webmasters ! I hope you are in the best of your physicall and spiritual health. I want to ask some questions about name server.

    We have rented a dedicated server, created two name servers and assigned IPs to them but these name servers are not register with our registrar.

    1) Do we really need to register name servers?
    2) Can I just point the domain to the IPs of new server?
    3) Are there any services which allow us to use thier name servers and point our domain to the IPs of our server?
    4) If I register two name servers, will I be able to point domains of more then one site to these servers ?

    Waiting for your answers.

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    You will need to register those nameservers at your domain register, before you can assign them to your domains (also at your domain register). If you don't know where to register nameservers, ask your domain register. Most of them will allow you to register the nameservers yourself, or some they have to do it for you.

    Registering nameservers and assigning nameservers to your domains, is 2 completely different actions. You will need to first register the nameservers, and then assign them.

    You can use those nameservers for hundreds of domain's DNS, that are hosted on that server. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I spoke to my dedicated server provider just now and they told me that I can use their name servers and they will need an IP to point it to my site. Our server administrator has set up http://www.ipaddress(1)/filename which can be used to access the site on new server while the domain points to old server. I can access the WHM through http://www.ipadress(2)/whm. Our Server Administrator is not available now and I am confused that which IP is pointing to my domain? IP adress (1) or IP address (2) ? Please help me.

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