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    AT&T Bandwidth quality or colocation recommendation?

    I'm looking at all my colocation options and the only local colocation provider uses a primary connection with centurytel and sprint failovers.

    What kind of connection quality and peering can I expect from AT&T and if it is bad, where would you recommend getting colocation services from? (Remote hands pricing, etcetera must be taken into account. Lowest price possible without getting below excellent quality.)

    Thank you.

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    I have found AT&T bandwidth to be decent. I believe Inflow uses them along with UUnet as their providers.

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    AT&T has been playing the ratio game aggressively over the past year, and as a result has numerous congested peers; and reduces the about of ingress traffic multi-homed AT&T customers will receive via their AT&T transit. My experiences also suggest that they are not that great at backbone capacity planning, as for several weeks last year I bore the pain of having my traffic routed via an AT&T backbone circuit that became congested every evening like clockwork.
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