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    How much are you looking to spend? I could sell a banner position at the top of my site. Yours would be the only banner.

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    $2 CPM 500+ unique a day
    or 70 a month unlimited impressions

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    We are selling advertising space on our website.

    Started in October of 2002, and still growing!

    The current business advertising with us has expired, so we are looking for new prospects . It will be a 468 x 60 banner on top. Last month we recieved 900-2100 Unique hits per day, with over 2 million hits for the month. Will provide proof of stats once known you are intrested.

    Our google ad's we have on the site right now are getting a geat CTR%!

    We are looking for $100/month. Just give me your e-mail and I can send you the proof of the stats.


    88x31 ad's can be placed under the menu to the left for $25/month


    Text Ad's can be placed also under the menu and the other ad's to the left for $10/month


    If your intrested e-mail me a [email protected] or just reply here.


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    I can give you a 468x60 banner in the lower left of everypage on for $30 a month.
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