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    problems after move accounts to another server

    After I use whm to transffer multiple accounts from another server to ev1 server, the A records of some domains are still having my old server's IP address. This caused those domains can not be accessed properly. Can you please tell me how to correct this without going to whm and edit the DNS record one by one?

    What might the other problems existing I might not notice after server moving?

    Thank you.

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    all sites points to single IP ?

    if yes then edit all db files to replace old IP with new IP using the following
    cd /var/named/
    perl -pi -e "s:" *.db

    this will replace with in all db files

    to make a backup copy use perl -pi.bak -e and new files will be generated as
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    Have you changed the registrar info of those domains to point to the new server? - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
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    yes, I did.
    The problem is , all transffered primary domains work fine , except the addon domains.

    Also, when I try to view the bandwidth usage, I could not see any transffered accounts listed.

    Can somebody tell me what to do?

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