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    Need a simple website designed...

    Hey people...

    I'm looking to have a simple design done for a website. The website is

    I'm looking for something similar to this site actually. I want the forum to load as the main page.

    All that needs done is a simple header design, the forum skinned, and a couple subpages.

    It's a football fan site.

    I'm looking to offer advertising on the site for the length of the time that the design is used (minimum one year if work is good). Advertising could come in the form of a banner on every page. The site gets nearly 5 million hits a month. Has over 1300 registered members on the forum. Gets about 14,000 unique people visiting every month. I may be able to afford a small cash exchange if advertising is not wanted, however as a non-profit site, I would prefer to exchange the design for advertising of your services.

    Any offers, please post previous work. Must have experience skinning vBulletin as well. Thanks.

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    i am interested in working for you.if given a chance ,i will do my best till you are fully satisfied.visit my site also.

    ( the logos on my site are also for sale )


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    Hi there,

    I'm interested in working on the site for you. You can find a selection of my previous work at

    If you're interested, please contact me at adam at iwdev . net - Web Design & Development

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    adamp, I will contact you later today after work, or possibly tomorrow.

    If any others are interested, please continue to post work. Thanks.

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    Chaps we think we can help you out if you wish. No cash is needed. email us support AT

    AT = @

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    Anyone else?

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