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    Selling a book online

    Hello everyone,

    One of my clients need to sell books online. I wanted to ask is there any solution I can suggest him so that he can sell books. I have some but I am not sure may be someone know that. Actually few day ago I bought a latest perl few days ago and when I paid I was sent a radomly generated long user name and password. I loged in to that and downloaded the software. Can some body let me know about such a software.


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    selling hardcopy books like or E-books for download?

    if e-books (or something downloadable) try
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    There are several options if he wants to just have his ebook downloaded: is an open-source system that has a component that allows for paid downloads. is a forum / cms system that also has this feature.

    I'm sure you can do a script search to offer your client a means online. Just remember, if they are taking credit cards, you'll need to get SSL for them (which can be a pain).

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