OktaGone has relaunched its Ensim and cPanel based hosting packages.


Signup for one of our packages in the next 2 weeks via our online orders system, and we will double the length of your package. If you signup for 1 month, we'll give you the second free. Signup for a year, and you'll get another year free!

Our popular "Classic" package now has been extended even further, offering 30GB of burstable monthly bandwidth, and 1GB of storage space, starting at $5 per month for Ensim, or $5.50 for cPanel.

We also have our new "Basic Plans" starting at $3 a month fo Ensim, and $3.50 a month for cPanel, which include 500MB of space, and 10GB of bandwidth.

All cPanel hosting accounts are placed on our Dell 600SC Poweredge servers, which are P4 2.4Ghz machines, with 512MB of RAM minimum.

All Ensim hosting accounts are placed on our AMD Athlon servers, which are at minimum XP2400+'s.

About OktaGone
OktaGone has been operating for over 6 years as a shared webhosting provider. Operating out of Long Island, New York, OktaGone now offers both cPanel & Ensim shared and reseller hosting, plus Managed and unmanaged Dedicated Servers.

For all enquiries, please contact [email protected], or consult our website