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    Looking for designers...

    I am looking for a web designer. I have a site that I am trying to keep as an unbiased rating source for customers to vote and leave comments about their hosts..

    I know there are tons of sites like these out there, but this one is NOT based on affiliate programs or payments. Purely by consumers votes.

    I got burned by a site that rated someone number one becuase they paid $65 for the affiliate.

    I want this to stay a free site and am running it on php-nuke... I had a guy that donated sometime and created a nice little theme for it, but there is much work to be done to get this where it needs to be.

    Please take a look at the site and if you are interested in doing some work, I would like to share my ideas and you can tell me what you think..

    I am open to suggestions..

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    Unfortuently your website didnt work when I tried so I am not sure of exactly what you want or what it does. If you could explain what the website needs to do then I would be happy to give advise and offer my services to you.

    Kind Regards,

    Thomas Hampson
    X2 Digital
    Email [email protected]
    Call 0870 136 4709

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    I am interested please contact or pm me. And your in the wrong part of the forum...
    Albert Chen
    website & graphics design | Hosting
    aim/icq : achenxp | msn : [email protected]

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    Originally posted by albc15
    I am interested please contact or pm me. And your in the wrong part of the forum...
    yes.. try in

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