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    Need an appraisal for

    Just wondering what it would be worth:

    Right now its got 273 Members, little less than 3000 posts.

    Its got an Alexa rating of 234,555 or so.

    Just let me know what you think. The homepage is getting a redoing soon so it's going to look a lot better.

    Just wondering what some some people would think this is worth.

    Also, the reason that 40% of users get pop-ups is that we use a pop up when PM's come in. Not for advertisements.



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    the web
    the domain itself is worthless and likely to attract legal problems. Haven't valued it considering the whole site as it would be difficult to do that without knowing current revenues.

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    I doubt it will attact any legal problems. There are . All with no affilation to American Honda or Acura and have been up for more then a few years. They just offer the same features Acura Integra does. A forum.

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    The price range of $10-$15 because of the dash in the name.

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    even with all that traffic?

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