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    more HOT SPECIALS from Fast Colocation - Unmetered Celeron $79/mo

    Fast Colocation (a division of Web Hosting Network) is offering the following specials this week. These specials are valid for 1 week from today's date.

    Need a custom server? We can get your custom machine up and running within 48 hours! Just send us an email with your request and we can supply you a quote!

    Fast Colocation can meet or beat any competitors pricing! Just email us details of any similar package your interested in and we will meet or beat the pricing!

    Intel 2.8 GHz Celeron CPU
    • 256 MB DDR RAM system memory
    • 80 GB ATA/100 hard drive
    • Cpanel / WHM License $19.95 per month
    • 24x7 Toll Free Server Reboots

    • $79/mo. & $119 setup
    • Total Available at this price: 4

    ** Prepay 6 Months and get Cpanel/WHM Free **
    ** Prepay 12 Months & get 3 months free & ZERO Setup Fees! **

    Intel 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 CPU
    • 512 MB DDR RAM system memory
    • 80 GB ATA/100 hard drive
    • Cpanel / WHM License $19.95 per month
    • 24x7 Toll Free Server Reboots

    • $99/mo. & $119 setup
    • Total Available at this price: 3

    ** Prepay 6 Months & get Cpanel/WHM Free**
    ** Prepay 12 Months & get 3 months free & ZERO Setup Fees! **

    All servers include:
    • Fedora or CentOS Install'd ($75 for alternate OS)
    • 5 IP Address ($.50 per 1 ip)
    • 10 mbps unmetered connection *OR* 1,000 GB Up/Down Bandwidth (Your choice)
    • Full Root/Administrator Access
    • Free 24x7 Technical Support via email or phone (toll-free in US)
    • 24x7 Monitoring
    • Free server reboots
    • 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee
    • 2-Hour Hardware Resolution Guarantee

    Additonal Options
    Additonal 80 GB Hard Drive: One Time Fee: $159.00
    Additional 120 GB Hard Drive: One Time Fee: $189.00
    Upgrade to 512 MB Ram: One Time Fee: $99.00
    Upgrade to 1 GB Ram: One Time Fee: $199.00
    Upgrade to 2,000 GB bandwidth per month for only $19.95/mo

    If you want to signup for this special, go to

    Most Popular Questions & Answers

    Do you have an IP we can ping?
    • Yes, you can ping

    Do you allow IRC and Adult sites?
    • Yes we do. For IRC, all we ask is you firewall your machine against the most common types of
    DoSS attacks which frequent IRC servers.

    How long you been in business?
    • Web Hosting Network was started in 1996 as a shared hosting reseller

    How good is your bandwidth?
    • Its considered premium 1st class bandwidth, as a matter of fact here's a quote from a customer who
    was running Shoutcast servers "I must say though, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of your bandwidth. It is absolutely superb.

    Is the 1,000 in/out or total?
    • The bandwidth allocation is total up and down. We monitor all bandwidth by MRTG and 95%

    How many servers are put on the unmetered ports?
    • We limit each 10 mbps unmetered port to 10 machines. The connection is shared among all 10 machines. You are able to burst to 10 mbps

    Do you have a SLA?
    • Yes, we do have a SLA agreement of 99.95%. If our network uptime falls below 99.95% in any given month, you are entitled to 5% of your monthly fees. If it falls below 99.0%, you are entitled to 10% of your monthly fees, if it falls below 98% then you are entitled to 25% of your monthly fee back.

    How fast can i get a machine rebooted?
    • As fast as your fingers can dial the data center. Its staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    What kind of payments are accepted?
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express

    If I submit a order today, when will the server be setup?
    • All our machines are brand new from our distributor. If you place an order by 12am PST, and the contract papers are faxed, we can get your server setup the same day, otherwise within 24 hours. (As long as our distributor has all parts etc available). If you submit an order and documents are not faxed within 48 hours, its automatically purged from our system and you will have to re-signup.

    How is support handled?
    • Either by phone for basic reboots and monitor hookups or by our helpdesk for all other issues

    Do you block ports?
    • No we do not

    Do you have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee?
    • For Dedicated & Colocation, no we do not, however you are given a refund for any unused months if you prepaid

    If I choose shared but later want to be put on my own port can i do that?
    • Yes, you can have this done at your next billing cycle. There is a service fee of $50.00 (due to us having to reconfigure the switch etc)

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    *edit* I can't read....

    Basically all pushing max 1mbit/box 320gig/mo... looks like the 1000g is a better deal

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    thats answered in the FAQ above (please read the FAQs above)

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    So if ten people use as much as bandwidth they can, no one could reach to 1000gb per month.

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    The definition of shared is that is a shared connection, it's a simple concept which has been explained in our other specials in the past as well as in the above FAQ

    You have two options, if you dont like the idea of sharing your bandwidth, simply select the nonshared option :-/

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    I think you should re-work that offer.

    It's the "same price" for either 1000 GB of bandwidth, or 300ish not even guaranteed bandwidth. 10 Servers on 10 Mbps is pretty... bad. (Depending on what people want to use them for.)

    And who are your bandwidth providers to the DC that they are so "premium?"

    Brendan Diaz

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    I ask you not criticize or pass comment our thread or tell us how we should work our offers. Your post is against forum guidelines, you may want to follow up on them

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    Actually, I was posting a RE-STATEMENT of what others in the thread have already posted.

    And my question still stands regarding the bandwidth.

    As for your PM and you “reporting” me to the mods, I guess we’ll just have to see how they respond to that – but I do not feel like (or at least definately didn't mean to,) I was breaking the rules.

    I don't mean to criticize your offer, and was actually interested in the services you were providing pending recieving more information. I received a nice ping to the test IP, and the prices for 1000 GB of bandwidth, not the shared bandwidth, were excellent.

    I wanted to know more about your DC / Bandwidth providers…

    Either way, I’m sorry to have seemingly offended you.

    *If there was a problem with that post... please delete it...

    Brendan Diaz

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    We provide two options for customers to utilize in a very sensible special. At a price of $79, we are certainly not going to provide a sole unmanaged port to a server

    If the customer wants the ability to utilize a 10 mbps port connection which is shared with 10 other customers (who are monitored as well for usage), and not worry about bandwidth overages, then they have the option to do so. If they do not like the idea of sharing bandwidth, then we provide a very affordable alternate solution of 1,000 GB of bandwidth (~3.6 mbps of bandwidth)

    If you want to learn more about our company and network, feel free to visit our website.

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    They are in Fremont HE. So network wise its pretty top notch.

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    I need: (at least)
    PIII or Celeron 1.0
    40 GB Hard Drive
    256 MB Ram
    500 GB Traffic
    13 IP's
    Unix like OS

    Would you give me any special price?

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