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    Exclamation Warning!

    If you get a email from EU Registry Services" sending out postal letters informing clients "not to ignore this notice" and:

    Status: DUE TO EXPIRE
    Renewal Fee: £60.00 (2 Years)
    The domain name shown above is due for renewal. Please renew this domain immediately to ensure service continues uninterrupted. If payment is not made to the registry before the expiry date the domain is subject to immediate suspension and deletion without further notice.

    Improtant information: it is vital that domain renewal fees are paid promptly to avoid registrants losing domain ownership. If it becomes past due then the domain name is deleted from the Internet and open for purchase by other parties. We request you provide us with up-to-date contact information to be able to contact you when payment is required. We will send no further warning of your domain expiry before it is deleted.
    Return payment to: EU Registry Services, Unit 255, 48 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1FD
    Please note the following:

    EU Registry services appear to be "data mining" WHOIS/domain name records and contacting customers of ANY hosting company in this manner

    The "invoices" are NOT invoices but an "invition to transfer your domain name to them" at a VERY high markup

    These "invoices" can, and should, be totally ignored!!

    If you get an invoice from EU Registry Services telling you your domain name is about to expire and you should pay £60 to renew it, do not reach for your cheque book.

    Instead contact Cambridge Police on: 01480 456 111

    websites monitoring this situation: (UK Advertising Standards Authority previous warning to EU Registry Services)

    For all who want to warn there customers, and be warned themselves
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    Thank you
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    Good Looking out! Thanks!
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