Hello All!
I have been a way for a while; have been dealing with many personal issues that have come up with in the last year. Well, it's time for my comeback! I am looking for a Support and or Admin position at a web host or web host like company. I have been in and around this industry for around 3 years, and know it from top to bottom, up until recently when I had to take a leave.

My knowledge and Benefits to your company
*I have extensive knowledge of most popular control panels. (Cpanel, Plesk,Hsphere) I can navigate and trouble shoot both the administration and client control panel.

*I have experience in Linux, currently running it for home use. I can navigate, install and troubleshoot most common problems associated with Linux and web hosting.

*I have extensive HTML, and PHP knowledge. I can trouble shoot almost any website. I am currently running a phpblog site, which took a fare bit of troubleshooting to get to work.

*Help desk solutions are easily maintained and lead with me. I have used many of the common help desk applications, as well as communicated through email with customers and employers. I am also able to use Instant Messaging software and the telephone.

This is just a verbal dictation of what I am able to do. This list is condensed and only depicts a small amount of my capabilities.

Work Experience
*I have worked with numerous large web hosts on both a contractual and a per ticket basis. I have been paid both by the hour, and per ticket. I am open to both of these concepts.
Unfortunately I am unable to release these names publicly as I am still under some contract restrictions. They are listed in my resume however.

*Owned and operated a web hosting business, and been a key player in starting and developing young web hosting companies.

*Have been browsing forums, troubleshooting and giving my input to the web hosting industry for over 3 years.

Contact Information
If you wish to take a look at my resume and/or discuss and positions with your company please use the contact information below:
AIM: Chris W D Reid
Email: cwdreid(at)canada.com replace the (at) with @
Home Telephone:1-705-737-0699
or Private Message is also acceptable.

I am available between the times of 3pm EST to 12am EST most nights, and look forward to hearing from many of you on possible positions with in your great companies!

Best Regards,
Christopher Reid