Hello WHT members,
I am looking for a PAIDED job as a Support Tech or Sales Rep
I am qualified in the following areas.
1. Networking (Everything have been doing this for 3+ years)
2. Linux/Windows NT
3. PHP/ any other language
4. English (Helps)
5. CPanel, EnSim, DirectAdmin, Plesk (Have worked with them all)
I am only almost 5 hours a day and can answer tickets and sit on livehelp and forums.

My payment would be by paypal.
It would expect something Useful not like 2 bucks every month but something steady.
I am in need of money for issues I am not willing to say atm.

Contact my by
Email: [email protected]
AIM; WhyCloud
MSN: [email protected]
Phone: I currently don't wish to receive phone calls.