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    Netacore - serious problems

    My website has been down for the majority of the time for the past 3 days and Netacore refuses to respond to a service ticket or an email. This is unacceptable and I just wanted to let those of you thinking of going with them know that this kind of thing happens. Ridiculous.

    M. Whitley
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    my site is BTW
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    Your site still seems to be down....

    Have you tried calling them?

    good luck!

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    Why bother if they are not replying to his tickets or emails? I think after 3 days it's time to move on.
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    I just did.
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    Originally posted by mkwhitley
    I just did.

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    My site has been down for at least a week, I was offline for several days before I got online and found it gone.
    I contacted at 1-877-294-0273 since they were set to bill me tomorrow for next month.
    2checkout was very helpful, they cancelled future billings and have started a resolution process to get my last months payment back.

    It's too bad, for almost two years I have had almost no downtime and very fast servers, now poof they just disappear.
    I guess it is time to find a new host.

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    Another host bites the dust it seems... Good luck with your new hosts guys!
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    Well, things are looking better.
    Netacore is actually doing fine, which makes me happy since they have provided excellent service for my domain for almost 2 years.

    They moved a server from one data center to another and apparently some of us fell through the cracks.

    Norm responded very quickly to my messages today (my attempts last week at messaging them via their site timed out)and we are talking via email about what happened.

    Hopefully everyone else is getting things straightened out as well.

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    grrr I contacted Netacore 4 days ago about cancelling hosting but they didn't respond yet. I contacted 2checkout about that...hopefully THEY'LL respond. they provided okay service (good uptime when it's UP but sketchy sometimes) for me for 2 years...but suddenly they are not responded to me

    my domain:
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    I actually managed to get a response from Netacore. Turns out that the problems were due to them changing the IP addresses of the nameservers.

    Below is the response I got from Netacore. I hope it helps



    (Netacore Support)

    This is the original email:

    We had a problem with the DNS server and were required
    to move it to a
    new location.

    Please visit your domain registrar and re-register
    your private name
    servers with the following IP addresses. Your clients
    will not have to
    change anything on their end.

    Primary name server:

    Secondary name server:

    Once your DNS is re-registered with the new IP's, your
    websites will
    begin working without any problems.

    I can assure you that the problems in the past are
    long gone, the last
    hurdle to overcome was the DNS side of things,
    unfortunately it occured
    without any notice.

    All servers have been optimized, upgraded and are
    running excellent,
    network is now flawless as well.
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    Are any of you still having problems w/ Netacore?

    I've been unable to get access to my server for over a month, and Norm does not respond to any emails, phone calls, etc.

    Can you still access your sites?
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