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    Smile Looking for designers with good ideas...

    I've a rather simple but effective hosting site (5-6 main pages + some popups an orderpages) that I would like to spice up some. It could really be anything, just wanna make some changes to let my clients know I am still going strong . Looking for designers/programmers who would like to take a look at the site and let me know what could be done and give me a quote for the work. As I said, the changes could really be anything (big or small).

    Som facts...
    - Budget: My spending will of course depend of the changes being made. My top limit is $200.
    - Its a non-english site, so there will be no changes in the content from your side. We are talking design/programming.
    - Important is to keep the site stylish and fast loading.

    Please PM me if you are interested to check out the site.


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    I have some templates for sale if you are interested:

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    I have a design I think you will like. I have contacted you. Please respond back. is my portfolio.

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    Take a look at this guys work

    He just did a site for me and it was very good. I gave him a basic idea and he turned it into a full blown site for me. Highly recommend.

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