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    [URGENT] Hotlink Protection with a twist

    I'm using up bandwidth really quicky and I found the culprit, and I need an answer

    Firstly, I have a dir say and inside I have a few files oh say 200 mb each, how do prevent people from remote linking to them? I found many such examples of this, but how do I prevent them from typing it into their freaking address bar? I had 40 GB of bandwidth leeched and I am quite pissed off

    A example .htacess file with the directions would be *very* appreciated

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    Look at your hotlinking protection rules and take out the following line:

    "RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$"

    That will prevent anyone from downloading the files that does not send a HTTP_REFERER from your website.

    Note: Some users use firewalls that prevent their browsers from sending this header, they will not be able to download these files.

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    I would suggest you to have a look at some PHP script and offer the downloads via binary copy method. It's the safest way as referer is not 100 % reliable

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    Have your download page generate a unique token for them that expires after awhile and send it in the download URLs. Send the file using a php script that verifies the token is valid.
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