Discount Information:
We have decided to give discounts to different qualified members of WHT, as we think WHT is the best forum on the net - so here's to WHT:

250+ Posts = 5% Discount
500+ Posts = 10% Discount
1000+ Posts = 15% Discount
2000+ Posts = 20% Discount
3000+ Posts = 25% Discount

Premium memebers get an additional 10% discount.



Text Link on PR6 Website - $49.95/mo.
Text Link on PR4 Website - $8.95/mo.
Text Link on 4 PR6 Websites - $119.95/mo.
Text Link on 2 PR4 Websites - $14.95/mo.
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200 Character in Weekly Newsletter - $9.95
Sticky Topic on - $9.95/mo.

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Small Package - $1.95/mo. or $19.95/yr.
100MB Space / 6GB Transfer
Medium Package - $2.95/mo. or $29.95/yr.
150 MB Space / 9GB Transfer
Large Package - $3.95/mo. or $39.95/yr.
200MB Space / 12GB Transfer

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Acceptable Use Policy Writing - $69.95/mo.
Privacy Policy Writing- $49.95
Terms of Service Writing - $59.95
Sales Promotion Letter - $19.95
Search Engine Submission - $1.45/engine
Forum Post Submission - $1.45/post.
Web Hosting Directory Submission - $1.45/dir.

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We also have scripts for sale on our website, but over 50 so we can't list them all!

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