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    Email = [email protected]

    AIM = CoffeeeStudios

    MSN = [email protected]


    Easily Affordable & Quality Banners at the lowest Prices around (See Site) - Coffeee.Net

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    Very quick and reliable service. Received my banner in much less than 24hrs! In addition, communication was good.

    See my banner at
    Jerry Martin, Jr.
    Ink & Pixel // Web Hosting & Design
    Ink & Pixel Store // Personal Media Players [ MP3, MP4, WMA ] & More.

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    Nice i put in a order for a banner cant wait to see it.

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    Thanks inkandpixel, glad you liked my service

    Yeah i got your order SethEffectz, working on it as we speak
    Easily Affordable & Quality Banners at the lowest Prices around (See Site) - Coffeee.Net

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