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    Newsletter/List app

    Hopefully in the right forum...
    I operate a site for military members to keep in touch with those deployed. What they want is a method of sending an email to [email protected] and have this email broadcasted to those that subscribe. May also use this for newsletters each month. Would you someone have a recommended newsletter/list application for this?

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    You would need something like this:

    Or, try searching on for "mailing list". When you will pick the host, just ask them to install the script you picked.

    good luck!

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    or you could get some one to install it for you
    do it yourself, most of the scripts on hotscripts have a readme file with instructions, just read & follow it. If you have any questions i'm sure on of us here will be glad to answer it...

    your hosting company might charge for installing 3rd party scripts unless otherwise specified.

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    if you want to create nice templates buy this cheap and cool software

    it costs 29$ if im not wrong, thanks.

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