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    Would you recommend Google's AdSense?

    So we've seen Google's AdWords...

    What do you think of their AdSense?

    Would you recommend me have them on my web site?

    Do they pay off?

    Thanks again!

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    Depends on your website, but they can certainly pay off.

    Certain commercial sites may not want to use AdSense, because they're likely to get primarily ads for competitors. Some, though, still think its worthwhile.
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    yeah, I see that point clearly

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    Altough I had some problem with AdSense on some sites, they are certainly the best and some of the fastest way to generate revenue from your online presence.

    Of course, it only works if you have a very targeted traffic at your site, the income, if you have decent traffic(100 uniques per day) will be about $300/mo.

    I also happen to know a few webmasters that receive every month a check of $4000 and higher You do the math...
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    i think you may also want to check google adwords to see how much the keywords you would probably be targeted for are selling for. make a list of keywords for your site and then check on the placement prices. prices vary by the keyword so this can be a huge difference maker.
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    i recommend bluelithium and fastclick.

    right now i am making more money from bluelithium than fastclick, even though fastclick gets first bite on the space on my site.

    i am making 20 times more money on fastclick and bluelithium than adsense.


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    How many hits a month do you have to get for bluelithium or fastclick to pay off?

    How about AdSense?
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    Originally posted by paulji
    i recommend bluelithium and fastclick.
    Have you actually been paid by bluelithium yet? They seem to be causing problems for most who use them. Either very low rates and/or no payment.
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    It only takes a few minutes to try adsense out on your site, so it is definitely worth trying for yourself. Everyone's mileage varies, but in general, adsense income is often a nice surprise.

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    I used adwords and adsense both. Adsense, in my opinion, was not very successful. There are people out there who have made extreme use of the program - it all just depends on how well you target your market and things like that.

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    I am using Adsense and have made a great deal of money off of it..

    Since the Google TOS doesn't allow me to state my earnings I will just use this.

    $xx per month sometimes $xxx depending on traffic

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